National Administration Manager


I’m not some freak who enjoys inflicting pain, instead its all about the joy I get from seeing the happy faces of people after I've pierced them.

I pride myself on being very well informed in all characteristics of body piercing and ensure that I am providing everyone I pierce with the best piercing experience possible. 

Since I was around 12 years old and got my Navel pierced all I could think about was piercings, and to this day I can't imagine doing any thing else or loving anything else as much.

I did my training with Eze Training, learning from the best piercers in Australia and have been working with them ever since gaining vast amounts of experience and understanding on all aspects of Body Piercing.

I'm very passionate about the industry and hope to one day influence many to be as fanatical about it as I am. I enjoy learning about all different types of body modification and love individualism and sharing it with people.

When I'm not piercing you will usually find me out and about checking out the live music scene, hang out with my awesome friends, painting and drawing my wacky designs and spending way too much money on DVD’s.

I love doing what I do and would love to share that with you, so feel free to pop in and see me or give me a call when you’re ready for an awesome as piercing experience!

As the National Administration Manager, I run the Administration office and manage all the courses and Bookings for training courses nationally, overseeing the accounts department and operations.